Sunday, March 1, 2009

Aaliyah is 4!!!

I say it on every birthday - but it is hard to believe that our little Aaliyah Konjit is 4 years old. Yesterday was her birthday and she is completely embracing the idea of being a year older. She has been explaining things all day today in terms of "when I was three . . . "

As for what Aaliyah is like right now - spunky - very spunky. She is always dancing, prancing, singing, performing and is ALWAYS talking - weather someone is there to listen, or not. She wears dresses or skirts daily and is a girl's girl. She loves everything princess and thinks the kids from High School Musical are the greatest. She has a spirited personality, but is not a risktaker - she would much rather float down the lazy river than go down water slides. She loves to swim, do gymnastics and dance to music. She is an amazing little girl, and I am super lucky to be her mama.

We are having her birthday party on Sunday - so I will be posting more birthday pictures towards the end of her birthday week . . . but here are some photos of her throughout this past year. . .

helping me with some baking - and maybe there was a nibble or two when i wasn't looking.

wearing her Auntie's glasses

just raw cuteness

green frosting . . . messy girls are too cute

sleeping - I thought it was just too cute the way she is cradling her face.

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The Gilbertsons said...

Happy Birthday beautiful girl!