Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Family vacation.

In the middle of June, the Johnson family took our first family vacation together to Florida. We started the trip staying at friends' vacation home on the island of Venice (south of Tampa), visited some friends in Orlando for a day, did the "crazy, energy, thrilling Disney World thing" for two days and ended back relaxing in Venice before heading home. It was really a perfect and amazing trip overall - all three kiddos had a great time and we had fabulous time just being a family of 5.

At our days at the house we were in our swim gear during most of our waking hours - sometimes swimming for an hour and a half even before breakfast (we had a swimming pool and hot tub right at the house). We were real laid back - eating when we were hungry - Mama enjoying a fabulous latte every morning thanks to a fancy kitchen gadget - taking long naps in the afternoon - swimming some more and going to the beach almost each day. We were only a couple blocks from the gulf and had a lot fun packing up beach gear and playing in the waves!

Here is the whole gang ready to get on the airplane to start our trip!

Mulu and Aaliyah looking out the window during the flight. They were so cute on take off - as the plane started gathering speed they began to get excited - looking at each other, looking out the window and back at each other - and as the plane took off they were giggling so loud that all the people around us were smiling and laughing too - pure kid joy.

Here is a shot of Aria and I on the plane - she took a nice long nap and this is right after she woke up (her cheeks are still pink) with a piece of her snack in her mouth and smiling, of coarse.

We have way too many photos to put in one post - so I am going to break them up into multiple topics. They will not necessarily be in chronological order - but you'll get the gist.