Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Florida trip: at the house

Here was one of our favorite spots at the house - on the outdoor patio furniture by the pool. We breakfast out here every morning as well as most lunches and dinners. Here is Brian and the kiddos eating Chinese delivery on our first day there (hence the broccoli hanging out of Mulu's mouth).

The girls relaxing for a bit watching an episode of the Muppet Show

Mulu in the pool - not sure if he is on his way up or down at this moment. He loved spending so much time in the water. Trying new things out - swimming completely unassisted - never getting enough. We don't think he would have even gotten out of the water to eat if we didn't make him.

Aria making a basket (with the help of Daddy). She really enjoyed the water - although much of the time she chose the hot tub rather than the pool.

Aaliyah in the water. She gained the most from spending so much time swimming - gaining a lot of confidence and even jumping in over her head without her life vest on and swimming to the side.

Here is a video clip of Mulu and Aaliyah doing their new trick. Aaliyah actually figured out how to do this first - totally by accident. I think she was attempting to dive in, but bent too far forward and flipped. When she popped up her eyes were bugging out of he head really spooked - and we were all cheering because it was so great. So Mulu found himself standing with his toes on the edge bound and determined to do a flip himself (especially if his little sister could do it) but scared out of his mind - he finally tried and there was no stopping either of them the rest of the trip.

Here is superhero daddy and the kids having fun

and Aria's turn . . .

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