Friday, May 29, 2009

Forida trip: Disney

Here is some photos of our two days at Disney - they are in no particular order

Mulu with "Mickeys hat" on at MGM

Aaliyah in front of some of Disney's festive bushes - here is Snow White and Dopey

Mulu and Aaliyah with their 3D glasses on

all of us at the Dinosaur dig

Watching fireworks at the end of the 1st night. It had rained for about 4 hours in the afternoon while we were there - which was actually wonderful b/c it was MUCH cooler and most people went home so we were walking on rides

The 3 Johnson kiddos in front of Cinderella's castle - my favorite picture of the whole trip

Mulu and Aria "in jail" with the bad guy from the Buzz Lightyear ride

Aria watching something wonderful - she loved looking at all the marvelous things at Disney

Aaliyah sitting for tea at Minnie's House

Daddy, Aaliyah and Aria on the Dumbo ride

Mulu and I on Dumbo

Aria sleeping after a long day 1.

After arriving at Disney

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