Sunday, April 1, 2007

Aaliyah is 2!

TWO!!! Can you believe it? TWO!!!!! Our little Aaliyah Konjit is two years old.

I know it didn't happen instantly, but whenever I look at her I see a miniature real person - no sign of a baby anymore. She discusses things, negotiates and laughs at real person situations. Everyday she seems to be maturing months at a time.

Because many of you can not be a fly on the wall and see her day to day moments, I thought I would try to explain who Aaliyah is as a little person. Below are a list of things that Aaliyah is - and those that Aaliyah is not.


Aaliyah IS . . .

* 2 - very, very 2 - & all of the amazing and awe-inspiring pieces that come along with her figuring out her world. Lots of questions as to what things are, how they work and even some whys already.(As well as the unpredictability and deep breathing moments that come with being 2- but I will stay away from most of that )

* intuitive - she has an innate knowledge of how people around her feel and what they need. She often breaks a tense moment with a silly face, and knows when to offer a hug.

* a performer - she loves to have people notice her & watch her. If we walk by someone at Target and they don't interact with her she hollers "Hiiiii" in their direction until they respond. And most days she can be found wearing dress up clothes (Minnie Mouse dress, Fairy Princess garb, tutus)

* in love with her brother - & everything he does. She copies his actions, behaviors, words & stories (whether she was a part of them or not)

* a singer - she is always, always singing! Songs she knows well, songs she mumbles because she doesn't know the words & songs she makes up.

* a fabulous hugger - her sweet little arms (that are not any where near as chubby as they used to be) she can now wrap fully around my neck and when she squeezes she melts away all tension and worries.

* a dancer - & the girl has moves! Most of the time she does this funny elbow/shoulder/wrist movement that reminds me of Elaine's dancing (for those Seinfeld fans out there). She dances to any music she hears - whether its intended for dancing or not.

* a storyteller - She loves to share her life's happening with all those around her and often gets stuck on the same one for many days - telling it to anyone that will listen.

* adorable - she knows it & people tell her she is often! Shes got a sparkle in her eye you can see from across a room, and a smile that melts your heart.

Aaliyah is NOT . . .

* serious - she loves to laugh & consistently laughs at appropriately funny things. When a moment gets too serious for her liking, she'll break out a "tickle tickle" & giggle at herself

* quiet - the girl LOVES to talk - to me, to check out clerks, to her dollys - whomever. She shares her thoughts with anyone who will listen. And she has a vocabulary way beyond her years - surprising many people that she is only two.

* potty trained - but that's probably more me than her

* a fabulous sleeper - never has been & it doesn't look like its in her (or our) near future.

* shy - although I often refer to her as my "velcro baby" & she wants to be held often, she has an outgoing personality and enjoys spending time with other people she knows well.

* a fan of getting her hair done, but in that way she may be a typical girl with long hair. Each day I have to "talk her into it", but its usually not the highlight of our day. Daddy definitely has the touch (there are usually no tears or hollering when he does it), but we get by.


Bethany said...

Happy Birthday Aaliyah! It is great to see your pictures. My daughter Lauren will be 2 on the 14th of this month, isn't April great. Aaliyah sounds like she could be an actress, or maybe go into the public relations field already, HEHE. Great post.

Abigail said...

Claire this is such a great idea, and will be something great for her to look back on.
Love the pics!!!