Friday, April 13, 2007

Easter....and SNOW ! ! !

Holidays have been very different for us this year, suddenly having a four year old who "gets it" and eagerly anticipates all of the traditions. Aaliyah is also starting to understand and gets all excited when her big brother does. So Easter this year was oodles of fun, especially since it was the day after Mulu's birthday party (I'm working on a post for him turning 5). The kids thought the Easter Bunny was silly for hiding the eggs all over the house - but didn't question the candy in the baskets one bit!

and . . . although it was chilly Easter weekend, I was still holding on to the idea that since it was April we were close to Spring.

Not so much - April 11th we got hit with a doozy of a snowstorm. Booo! It stuck on the ground, but probably won't last long, Below are the kids playing out in the snow with our Arizona friend's "Flat Stanley".

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Abigail said...

Love the "peink" polk a dot dress!!!