Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Mulu!

On April 3 Mulu turned 6 years old. He is a funny, smart, outgoing and sweet little boy. He loves to be active, riding bikes, swimming, playing baseball or chase, and now riding his new scooter. Our wicked winter did not keep him down - spending many hours playing in the snow, and he is incredibly eager for the warm weather to really get here to tackle the outdoors again. He is a very proud Kindergartner who loves books and is becoming a very impressive reader. He loves to make people laugh, with made up (and usually not funny) knock-knock jokes, very expressive facial expressions and, if all else fails, usually some sort of slapstick humor. He is a great big brother, being naturally sweet and taking care of the girls.

Below are some photos of Mulu's birthday celebrations (three in total):

opening presents from Daddy, Mama & the girls
The waitstaff singing for him at dinner - this is his "I'm trying not to smile, but this is soooo cool look"
All his little friends at his birthday party - we had it at a pet store - fabulous experience, an hour & a half of playing with all different animals - this is the kids waiting for the "safari guide" to bring a chinchilla.
Aria getting to pet the bunny
Mulu handling the milk snake - he swore he wouldn't touch them going in - but sometimes peer pressure is a good thing - he was really diggin' the snakes once they were there

Posing in front of his birthday cupcakes.
Blowing out the candles at our house for his gathering with his grandparents.

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