Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring - ish

Spring - I know technically that is the season we are supposed to be experiencing, but we have only had a handful of days that we have been able to ditch the winter garb & things are VERY gooshy and pretty muddy from the remains of our 100 inches of snow melting. . . but we did take advantage of a 50 degree day and got out on our backyard playground this past week.

Here is Aria in her baby swing for the first time - she was a fan & stayed in the swing for almost an hour - giggling when pushed and watching the others playing baseball & run around

Aaliyah in her dolphin swing - very happy to be out of our hibernation mode. For being a mover & shaker she surprises me sometimes with how long she will stay in this swing - she is normally so outgoing, but is pretty cautious with her movements (she still hasn't gone down the slide this year without me catching her at the bottom) so while Mulu & his friends jump off the platform as spiderman and bad guys she enjoys hanging out in her dolphin "shooting webs" at them when they run by.
Mulu - showing off his strength on the monkey bars - this was a big deal last summer when he was able to do them on his 0wn - but don't let the photo fool you, it may take a couple weeks for him to remember how to get all the way across again - he was pretty funny making sure it looked like he was doing the rings even though he was struggling with it. (jumping down to come check out how the picture looked on the camera and having to take a couple different shots - he approved of this one)

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