Sunday, April 13, 2008

Why I love my husband.

I know this is supposed to be a blog about my kiddos - but I can't ignore that none of this would be here without the fabulous husband that I have. We have been a couple since August of 1996 when we "hooked up" in Orlando after DCI finals (our "1st date" was a 27 hour bus ride back to Madison). We were married on this day in 2002 & the time has flown as our life has merged into our current reality. Although our lives are crazy busy, I am aware everyday of how wonderful our relationship is & how awesome of a husband & father he is. Since our wedding we have grieved the loss of a parent, purchased a house, had three huge career moves and grown our family from 2 people to 5 in 27 months & I am very thankful to have been on this adventure with him.

Below are some photos of us early in our dating life for you to enjoy:

October 1996 - only a few short months of dating & right before he moved out to Vail, CO

January 1997 - Go Pack Go!

January 1997 - Skiing in Vail

August 1997 - one full year of dating - at DCI finals
April 13, 2002 - And here is a photo of us on our wedding day

As we celebrate our 6th wedding Anniversary, I would like to share with you some reasons that demonstrate how lucky I am.

So, bare with me as I get a little mushy - but here are 100 reasons why I love my husband. . .
1. he is a great dad
2. he is kind
3. he makes me laugh
4. he is passionate about being a good person
5. he challenges me
6. he is great at reading books to the kids
7. he admits when he makes mistakes
8. he rarely makes mistakes
9. he checks my blog
10. he is romantic
11. he is sensitive
12. he is constantly trying to be a better person
13. he wrestles with the kids
14. he is caring
15. he is a natural caretaker
16. he knows what I need even sometimes before I do
17. he can make me laugh without saying anything
18. he puts others before himself
19. he is a hard worker
20. he is genuine
21. he loves to travel
22. he is smart
23. he is a natural with kids
24. he loves sports
25. he doesn't care about money
26. he loves our kids
27. he makes me a better person, just by being with him
28. he sings great lullabies
29. he still laughs at Seinfeld episodes
30. he plans great surprises
31. he is funny
32. he loves to make others laugh
33. he gives great hugs
34. he is selfless
35. he squeezes my head when I need it
36. he makes me laugh
37. he loves ethnic foods
38. he loves to laugh
39. he is romantic
40. he loves to cuddle
41. he takes care of me
42. he has a great smile
43. he has a balanced outlook on life
44. he knows when to push me
45. he knows just when to listen
46. he has a great vocabulary
47. he tells great jokes
48. he is a busy body
49. he tells people what he thinks
50. he is honest
51. he is outspoken
52. he talks adorable baby talk
53. he works very hard
54. he is thoughtful
55. he is strong
56. he can fix things
57. he loves to play with the kids
58. he brings home flowers
59. he can see into my soul
60. he doesn't take himself seriously
61. he always thinks of others first
62. he loves to surprise me
63. he motivates me
64. he loves to be outdoors
65. he is kind
66. he has beautiful eyes
67. he tells great stories
68. he has a great and infectious laugh
69. he tells great stories
70. he keeps me calm
71. he is laid back
72. he is conscientious
73. his whole face beams when he sees his kids
74. he continues to inspire me
75. he is organized
76. he giggles with me
77. he is an equal participant in our life
78. he has a lot of patience
79. he handles it well when he loses his patience
80. he is sweet
81. he is creative
82. he loves music
83. he helps with housework
84. he is sexy
85. he is a great teacher
86. he is a great friend
87. he is passionate about sports
88. he is my confidant
89. he is a great carpenter
90. he puts up with my crazy ideas
91. he is committed to his family
92. he is adorable
93. he is always learning
94. he is a good cook
95. he never settles
96. he is a great role model
97. he is my lover
98. he is my soul mate
99. he is my rock
100. he is my best friend


Kylie Robertson said...

This shows why you and Brian are two of my favourite people in the whole world... xx

Brian said...

All I can say is for someone to write something this nice about someone else tells you everything you need to know about Claire and why I am the the most fortunate guy on the planet to be her husband.

Thank you for sticking with me, putting up with me, and picking me up when I need it. I love you.

Abigail said...

and now i am crying at work.....awwwww