Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Professional Photos

Here are some photos we had taken professionally. Birthday picts for Mulu (6) & Aaliyah (3) and Aria's 6 month. We also had a family one taken - you can see it at the end- not the perfect shot like I had imagined - but cute nonetheless. During the family shots we were all so worried about the baby smiling and Aaliyah looking at the right place, but little did we know we should have been paying our attention elsewhere. We didn't know until we got the proofs back, but in most of the poses, the girls looked great - it was Mulu being mischievous and making faces at the camera - tongue out, eyes crossed, silly mouth to the side, looking down like a monster, surprised face, etc, etc, etc. . . oh yes - he is very creative and had many different expressions. Funny now - not so much when ordering the photos.


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