Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Daddy's Birthday!

on June 26th Brian had another birthday - wow, is the Johnson Kiddos' Daddy getting old.

Here are some picture with our families celebrating him!

We love you Daddy!

This is the fun group we had for his birthday dinner (minus Baby Aria who is hidden behind Brian in the highchair, and me who is taking the photo)

Daddy waiting to blow out his candles - wooooeee - that is a lot of candles!

Baby Aria had to get into at least one picture!

The kids getting a chance to blow out the candles - and eager to dig into Grandma's pudding cake!


Anonymous said...

34? That can't possibly be correct. He's far too good looking and studly to be 34 yrs old! I'm guessing no older than 25 tops. On the other hand, I heard that mommy is quickly approaching the big three-oh!!!

Anonymous said...

30? there is no way - she is too young and cute for that!