Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer 2008 - part 2

Ok - catching up with our busy summer again. We have been swimming, biking, and going to parks like crazy. We usually have one adventure a day and still have a lot of things we want to do before the summer is over. We are all tired (including me) by the end of the day and love our flexible schedule. I was a bit nervous going into the summer having all three kiddos with no real structure - but it has been nothing but fabulous. It is so fun having Mulu home with us & doing fun things will all my kiddos. I think I found a good balance between scheduled/structured activities and days we can be laid back and lazy.

Here is Aaliyah looking fab in her summer best (actually Auntie Shoosha's)

For Father's day we got Grandpa tickets to go see Matt Kenseth race - so here are the Johnson boys (Daddy, Uncle Dave, Grandpa & Mulu) before going to the race. (note Mulu's pose)

At the race (again . . . another pose - the boy is not shy in front of the camera)

There were many of our friends in town for a big drum corps show - so we had a picnic at our place to get together - here is a shot of some friends and the kids table.

Aaliyah and I got to go see one of my cousin's daughters in a mini version of the musical Annie (which has long been one of Aaliyah's favorite videos to watch) - here is her and I before our special night

and Aaliyah posing with Annie herself!

and baby Aria on the 1st day of her swimming lessons. She has turned out to be a total water lover! In fact she tries to jump out of our arms when we walk by the hot tub, or a pool, or even just the kitchen sink (where I often give her a bath). She loves to splash, doesn't mind getting her head wet & loves floating around amongst the kids.

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