Thursday, July 31, 2008

Soccer Camp

I was able to find a soccer camp through our local rec program that would allow both Mulu & Aaliyah to participate at the same time. In two separate groups of coarse - which I had to continue to explain to Mulu who was worried he was going to be on the same team with his little sister "sometimes she picks up the soccer ball with hands" he whispered to me. So Mulu played with the older kids from 9-1130 and Aaliyah was there from 9-10 with the little ones.

On paper, this looked like an opportunity to have an hour with just Aria, but that's not really how it worked out. Aaliyah spent much of the time on the blanket with me & the baby watching her soccer camp, rather than participating, but had a good time none the less. The little kids were pretty darn cute - one big mob running after the ball during their "games" and not worrying about staying within the lines of the field.

And Mulu was a running fool - not always the right direction and not always towards the ball, but he loved to be with the bigger kids (he was the youngest in his age group) and he improved a lot over the week. He seemed to become a favorite with the camp counselors and got some pretty dandy foot action with the soccer ball by the end.

Below are some photos and videos of the camp week. Sorry for the sideways videos - I keep forgetting that I, for some reason, can't rotate it once it is on the computer.

Here are Mulu & Aaliyah before their camp (Mulu trying to hurry it up so he could ditch his Mom & sisters)

They had flags for each team & during a water break the kids put on a parade - here Mulu is representing Germany.

A chance to get in at the ball

Fighting his way through

Video of Mulu playing - he does well with the ball & then decides he wants to hang out with the goalies - pretty cute.

Aaliyah's turn - waiting for warmup to begin

Playing goalie - luckily the ball never made it down on her end of the field (I can't see her getting charged at by a group of kids going well - she is kind of a fragile soul these days)

Picking flowers with some other girls - not during a breaktime mind you (hense the ball shooting through the photo too)

Aaliyah practicing dribbling - (just tilt your head to enjoy)

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Kiara said...

Jamie and I just spent the last hour or so catching up on your kids and their lives we are missing so much of! We agree on how absolutely adorable they all are and on how much we love and miss all 5 of ya!! Aria looks so full of personality and those eyes are killer! I love seeing the things I have sent up there on the kids, I am so glad they enjoy them. I think of you all daily. Talking to jamie I think christmas may be a go, he didnt say no!!!