Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Changes to the Johnson Kiddos blog

So, I've been re-energized with keeping up on this blog (it may have something to do with Aria finally sleeping through the night at least 3 days a week!!!!) - and I have some new ideas.

The first - you can probably see for yourself - a new look for the blog. I love reading other people's blogs & have been admiring that many were more creative and much more fun that what we had going - so I changed ours up a bit. I hope you like it!

2nd. I want to start sharing a Johnson Kiddo funny moment weekly. Clever, witty, and sometimes ridiculous things happen daily here at our house (I keep a journal of them to help me remember) which I would love to share with all of you. AND I have been trying to commit myself to posting more often, so I decided to combine the two and write "Thursday Funnys" (something one of my favorite bloggers - and friend - used to do on hers. THANKS E.)

3rd. I have a Write Plate at our house that I decorate according to what is going on in our lives (holidays, birthdays, special events, etc.). I love, love, love it! I can use Sharpies to decorate it like I want, change the ribbon to match and when I am done, erase it with rubbing alcohol. I thought I could post a picture of what is currently on our Write Plate as another way to share all that is going on with the Johnson Kiddos. I have been trying to think of a clever title for it (so I've been procrastinating with starting it) - but haven't come up with anything - so if you have an idea - please share! I will change the photo as I change the plate.

Thanks to all of you for continuing to read the blog. I am so blessed to have 3 amazing kiddos and love sharing our adventures with all of you. and don't forget, if you are inspired you can comment on any of the posts - the Kiddos, especially Mulu, love to know if people see their pictures and what they think.


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mojoho said...

Just wanted you to know that I check your blog daily(almost)! I am so sad when new pictures aren't added every time I check. I love watching the Johnson Kiddos grow. I love the new look and can't wait to watch the plate change. And yes Mulu.. I see your pictures and I think they are grrrrreat!! From your Uncle Kyle's mom.(and Evie's Grandma)