Friday, November 7, 2008

general update

It's been a bit since I shared info on the kids that didn't include an event or outing. Because all three Johnson kiddos are, honestly, fabulous, this may come across as bragging - but what else do you expect from a proud Mama.

Mulu - 6 years 7 months old and in 1st grade. . . and he is rockin at 1st grade. He loves his teacher, has a great group of kids in his class, and is doing super well! He is reading like a rockstar (already at the level that they hope the kids are at - at the END of 1st grade) - is keeping up with math and, of coarse, loves recess. He has really blossomed lately and still has one of the sweetest hearts around. Lately he has been asking "if there is anything he can do to help" and had the epiphany that "I'm gonna be good tonight like last night, because being good is more fun than being naughty" NICE!

Aaliyah - 3 years, 8 months old and in preschool. Aaliyah attends preschool two mornings a week and is doing very well. Her teacher reports that she has awesome manners and is fun to have in class. She is still her spunky self, loving to dance and sing and tell stories (we have few secrets at the Johnson house now). She has an amazing memory, is already learning her letters and numbers, and has an great vocabulary. She insists on dressing up almost everyday, but still fights me on doing her hair in the morning (this may just be a theme in our mornings that I will have to accept).

Aria - almost 14 months old. She is still a very happy baby, who giggles and laughs all day long. She has started taking steps between people, but still shows little interest in doing it on her own (crawling is much more functional and fast). She can tell you what a dog says, what a chicken says, what a kitty says and her favorite is what a tiger says (I started by asking her what a lion says, but it sounded too much like I was asking about her sister - so we are sticking with tiger.) She says "tickle tickle" when tickling people, "boo" when playing peak-a-boo and "Da" for go. She is inconsistent with knowing where her nose is and loves the itsy-bitsy spider. She adores her siblings and loves music.

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