Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Outward dispays of affection

While making breakfast Sunday morning Mulu and Aaliyah were busy making this for me. I knew something was going on because they kept shouting "don't look Mama!" - and they didn't want Daddy's help - working on it all by themselves. I was super thrilled when I was finally allowed to look down the steps and see the message from the kiddos. It's even MORE perfect with the "Y U O" instead of "Y O U" (and as fate would have it "you" is on Mulu's spelling list for this week)

I won't have to think very hard of what I am thankful for at Thanksgiving - I have pretty awesome kids!


Brian said...

Very very very precious. I really didn't help, other than with a little spelling guidance on 'love'.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that is the cutest thing ever!!!!

Nana said...

I really wasn't trying to be anonymous when I said that was the cutest thing ever. sorry about that

Nana has the most wonderful grandchildren there could ever be!!! Thank you Mulu and Aaliyah for being such good kids to your mommy,daddy, and to baby Aria.
I love you both so much!!

kiara said...

I miss those sweet babies soooo much!!! We will discuss your moveing closer to me again around january-ish??? Just thinking,maybe, by then....you will be super ready to come see us in sunny Az!!!! I love ya all!!!