Monday, November 24, 2008



Last night while we were sleeping it snowed enough to cover the ground and stay there until we woke up! Technically it was only about a 1/2 an inch, but enough to get the Johnson Kiddos ALLLLLLL excited!!! I was going to do a "big reveal" when they were all awake - having them close their eyes while I opened the patio blinds and yelled SURPRISE! but Mulu must have had a feeling b/c by the time he made it to our bedroom after waking up he was jumping up and down - exploding with excitement because it had snowed!!!

He showed Aaliyah as soon as she crawled out of bed and couldn't wait to show Aria (although she was not as thrilled about it as he was expecting).

Here are Mulu and Aaliyah posing in front of our new snow!!

And the kids were so excited about the winter weather at our house that when I came around the corner they were both sitting at our piano singing Christmas songs - too cute!

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