Monday, November 3, 2008


The Johnson Kiddos had a wonderful Halloween this year! We had a great time decorating and carving pumpkins (see below post), had lots of family stop by to see the Kiddos in their costumes, had a wonderful group of friends to trick-or-treat with and - oh yea - a HUGE loot of candy that will last us until Easter at least!

All three Johnson Kiddos were bugs this year - Mulu was a nasty/scary bug, Aaliyah was a butterfly and Aria was a dragonfly.

Here is our pumpkin display in our living room (and yes, that is also our Nuk stash for Aria - no idea why they are lined up in a row like that )

Here is Mulu with a closeup of his facepaint - he wasn't sure about me putting "makeup" on him - but allowed me to anyway and was very please with the results.

Aaliyah's facepaint - girl was all about the glitter - and I couldn't have enough pink on her!

and Baby Aria with a little dab on her nose -

Aria, Mulu, Aaliyah and Cousin Charlie the Lion

Our Trick-or-treating group. It was a fairly flawless trick-or-treating adventure this year. It was absolutely gorgeous out (the kids just wore long sleeve shirts - no cutes crammed under the costumes) that most of the people handing out candy were outside waiting - which cut down on the "who's gonna ring the doorbell fighting" a lot! There were some older kids for Mulu to speed along with and younger ones for Aaliyah dawdle a bit with - so it worked out great!

Aria along for the ride while trick or treating. It got a bit late for her - but she was fine to watch all the excitement around her.

Brian stayed behind to hand out candy (and scare the pants off of little harmless trick or treaters coming to our house - hence the costume). You can see Aria isn't too sure about this ape-guy holding her.

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Anonymous said...

Claire, I love the photos!! The kids are SO cute in their costumes. It looks like you all had too much fun!!
lots of love,