Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday funny

It's been a whole week with nothing inbetween our Thursday Funnys - but things here have been good.

Preface this story with a reminder that Aaliyah is 3 (so has that cute toddler speak to her) and Mulu still has a bit of an accent (especially the sounds that they didn't have in his native language).

So last spring there was a storm rolling in one evening and Aaliyah started to get anxious (and probably happy that she now had a "legit excuse" to want to be in our bed).

Aaliyah started getting upset and said "but I'm afraid of the "sunder"!"

Mulu, slightly annoyed with his little sister rolled his eyes and said "Aaliyah . . . its not "Sssssunder" its "funder"

tee hee

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Kylie Robertson said...

I shared your Thursday funny with friends here in Melbourne, and in Cambridge - they loved it! You've got GREAT KIDS!!! xoxo