Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Funny - thanks to the election

So the presidential election has been a common topic in our house the past couple of weeks - partly because Brian and I have both been really excited about it and partly because Mulu has been hearing and talking a lot about it in school - so its been a topic of conversation at the dinner table pretty consistently.

The kiddos were all three in bed when the winner was announced, so they didn't know the outcome. On the Wednesday morning following the election Brian mentioned something about our new president which sparked the following conversation:

Mulu: "oh yea" (looking very excited) "who won"

Aaliyah: "who won what"

Mulu: "the race to the whitehouse" (something he must have picked up at school - and I'm not for sure that he didn't think the candidates were literally RUNNING.)

Aaliyah: "oh" (in a "that didn't clarify anything" sort of "oh")

Brian: "Barrack Obama won"

Mulu: "yeaaa"

Aaliyah: "oh man" (sounding disappointed)

Brian: "whats wrong Aaliyah?"

Aaliyah: "I thought Martin Lusser King was gonna win - oh man"

tee hee - so a bit of the info got jumbled up inside her little 3 year old brain - but its still pretty cool that she can pull out MLK's name!


Lynda Amundson said...

Thank you SOOOOOO much for sharing your family's stories. I just love it. I miss all of you.


Molly Matthees said...

What smarties! I miss those little faces around the office. It was great chatting so much with over Market weekend, Claire. Thanks!